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IMG_5275IMG_5285IMG_528720180204_174608Ballroom Dance5Have you always wanted to learn to dance, but couldn’t afford lessons?  JP and Laurie Gartland will teach you the basic steps to the Foxtrot, East Coast Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha, Tango, Samba, Mambo, Rhumba at a fraction of what other studios charge.   We also teach the Virginia Reel and popular line dances as well.  Ask us about a first-dance wedding package we offer, too.   We can Ballroom Dance2help you choose a song or choreograph a song you’ve chosen.  Group, private or semi-private lessons available.

Call 919-961-7050 or email to sign up for a Beginners Introductory Dance Class.   Classes are scheduled on weeknights from 7:30-8:30.

  • GROUP INSTRUCTION:  Introductory Classes are $20.  Subsequent lessons are $35 per person for an hour of instruction.  Lessons are divided into 6 week sessions, at the end of which there is a FREE dance social where you can practice what you’ve learned!   

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 “Great fun!  I can’t believe how much we learned.  I loved learning the steps and turns. We will definitely continue to dance!!”  Bill and Liz

“Loved the play between you two and letting us mirror your steps.”  Mark and Cindy

“We’ve had a wonderful time and are thankful for your patience in teaching.  We’ve really learned a lot in a short time…my mom said they only learned a couple of dances per class when they learned years ago.” Chris and KrisDance Lesson shrunk

“Classes have been great.  Each week we reviewed and added, too.   Time was used wisely and none wasted.  Thanks so much!”      Nick and Jean

“I had to write and thank you again for blessing our group with ballroom dance lessons.  Our kids and parents have been enjoying dancing so much!!  You have given them a new enjoyment and one they can share as a family!  You will never know just how much you have impacted people.  THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!” Jennifer

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