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(A look back at the Christian roots and founding of our nation from the lips of the great men and women who God used to make it happen.  Sing and dance to fun songs including an alliterated, lively Boston Tea Party tune and the Declaration of Independence set to music .  Colonial, British and Native American costuming promises a colorful stage.)

We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2021 Music Theatre Class and Production.  Email for application form: ​

  • REHEARSAL DAY:  ​Every ​Thursday ​OR Friday ​afternoon​,​ starting September 2
  • REHEARSAL TIME CHOICES (other times can be offered if groups  Thursdays 1:30-3:30  p.m. or 4:00-6:00  OR  Fridays 1:30-3:30.  Extra rehearsals ​will be scheduled for main characters, dancers and soloists.  
  • REHEARSAL LOCATION:  TBA…903 Blue Bird Lane, Wake Forest is fallback
  • AGES:  7-18 (younger children may be accepted through special audition)
  • COST:  $200, (includes ​registration fee, ​script and costumes),   $50 non-refundable registration fee due with application.  Balance of $150 is due on the FIRST DAY OF CLASS.  $35 late fee applied balance payment balance is missed without prior arrangement.
  • SHOW:  Faith of our Fathers
  • OUTREACH PERFORMANCES:  ​TBA (to be confirmed)
  • AUDITIONS (for new participants only):  Email to make an appointment:
  • DIRECTOR:  Laurie DeJong Gartland
  • PHONE:  919-961-7050

Class instruction includes:

  • Improv and Interactive Role-Play Activities
  • Theatrical Components (blocking, gesturing, comedic timing, costuming, sets, etc.)
  • Vocal Instruction (stage voice projection, solo and choral singing)​.  **Soloists may be required to ​take a few lessons if problems need to be addressed.
  • Choreography and Signing
  • Song Sheets/Recordings and Script
  • An opportunity for each child to play an important role, regardless of previous experience, and to sing with the ensemble.  Solos by audition.
  • Learning the art of working together as a team, encouraging one another, and seeing the arts as a vehicle for glorifying the Giver of all good gifts
  1. Performance tickets can be purchased by calling 919-961-7050 or sending an email to ​to place your order
  2. All performances are held at TBA
  3. SHOWS:
    • Thursday Evening TBA
    • Friday Evening TBA
    • Saturday Evening and Matinee TBA

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