Kings Kompany Kids Music Theatre


Kings Kompany Kids is a music theatre company that started 20 years ago for the purpose of glorifying God through the arts and providing opportunities for kids with an interest in drama, singing and dance to develop their skills in a positive and encouraging environment.  Productions are primarily based on historical figures and timeless classic stories with an inspiring message to convey, a rare offering when so much of what is presented on stage these days is anything but inspirational.

Here’s a note we recently received from the mom of one of our participants, which beautifully expresses our goals and our heart’s desire for this ministry :

“Mrs. Gartland, I cannot tell you what a blessing Kings Kompany has been to our family.  This homeschool journey is new to us and having the outlet for P- has made an incredible difference in our year.  I am so thankful for your incredible talent and using your gifts to bless the lives of these children and those in our community.  What a privilege to be a part of a program that values character and integrity and helps to reinforce them in our kids.  We are so grateful and look forward to being a part of Kings Kompany in the years ahead.”

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Scene from Prince and the Pauper





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